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Here is where you will find music that combines ancient with modern. Gregorian chant and contemporary music styles are blended together for a serene, yet pummeling sound.

The 2nd album will be released MAY 2.

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Feedback from Fans of the First Album

“… your album has been accompanying me to and from work ever since (I downloaded it). Can't wait for your second album.” Raymond Wong, Singapore

“All I can say is that I’m blown away.  I think you have created an amazing thing here. Brilliant work sir.” Pat Neil, Texas

“I love Gregorian (chant) but after a while it gets a little boring but with your underlying rock instrumentals it really brings it to life. Who'd a thunk. Genius, really, GENIUS.” Rick Davis, California

"... for folks desiring something very different from the norm, you'll find something unique for your ears on Gregorian Rock." Ryan Barbee,