Intro video to be shared

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I made this very short (<2 min.) video to introduce people to what Gregorian Rock is, and what it sounds like. Please share! Many thanks. Click “Read more” below, then click the image to watch.

Album update and more

me on the ceiling

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There are now TEN songs recorded for the Christmas album. A few need a bit more attention, but the main effort for them is complete. I plan to record at least two more. We’ll see how that goes. The last two were really a challenge. It’s funny how some music just pours out with almost […]

Music video page on the site

Music video screenshots

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When a music marketing guy advised me on how to redesign my website, he left out a page I felt was important. A video page. I kept the site like he said I should for a while, but today I decided to fix it. While all three music videos can be found in earlier posts, […]

Christmas Album Progress Report

Woodcut with my face replacing the original monk, sitting at a desk

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So the year is half gone and I have six songs completed. That’s six out of a possible 14 on my list. I need to pick up the pace a bit. My plan for today is to finish instrumental versions of two of the remaining eight. Instrumental versions can be completed more quickly than the […]

Here is the Little Door

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This song is going on the Christmas album. It’s a 1918 setting of a poem by Frances Chesterton. Of course, it’s been Gregorian-ized by me, for a fresh spin. Because you are on the mailing list (or are checking out my web site) which automatically means you are awesome, I want to give you this […]

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