Four faces of Dale

You are one of the cool people. I know this is true because you have eclectic taste in music. Only people as cool as you would be reading this, and only that type of person would have an interest in my unusual blending of ancient and modern.

A little bit of background…

There was a “shining moment” that occurred while I was still in high school (decades ago) that is seared in my memory. The jazz band was playing a piece (can’t remember the title) that called for synthesizer. In fact it required TWO synthesizers, because back in the day, those types of keyboards could only play one note at a time (monophonic). The band director borrowed a little Roland synth from a music store, and I had my Minimoog. So there I was, playing two keyboards at once on stage with the jazz band. Afterwards, my dad said he wanted to stand up and say “That’s my boy!”

At the time, I didn’t realize how important that was, to make my father proud of me. But I know that moment has reverberated through the years to shape many of my decisions.

The first attempt at a band was sincere, but disastrous. We spent more than three years playing sporadically and struggling to keep it together. When it disintegrated for the last time, I was left with the sound system and the debt.

I refer to these years as my “starving musician period”.

Eventually all the musical doors closed completely, I became highly disillusioned, and quit music entirely. About ten years later, I began playing again, but at my church. Music had returned to my life, but in a new frame.

In 2013 the first Gregorian Rock album was released. My third album, “FIRE, has just come out.

Although keyboards are my main instruments, I also play a WX7 midi wind controller (an electronic wind instrument – EWI) and Chapman Stick.

The radio in my truck is usually found tuned to the classical station. Some of the music that gets a lot of play on the iPod is Iona, Neal Morse, Frost, and Skillet (see links below).

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