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When a music marketing guy advised me on how to redesign my website, he left out a page I felt was important. A video page. I kept the site like he said I should for a while, but today I decided to fix it. While all three music videos can be found in earlier posts, […]

“Sanctus” Music Video

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“Sanctus” is the song that started it all. It was the first song written for the first album. I had tried other, more mainstream musical endeavors, but they didn’t go anywhere. Once I got confirmation that Gregorian Rock was what I should be doing, it propelled itself like nothing before it ever did. This song […]

“Deux Lux” Music Video

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This one was the first songs written for my second album. I am a fan of polyrhythm, so Deus Lux has some 4 vs 3, which created what Pat Neil (guitarist on the song) called “a nice swing”. I also wanted to have more piano on this album, so the opening arpeggio worked beautifully on […]