Survey – drums or no drums


I need input from you! Tell me which version of this song (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”) you like best. While working on music for my Christmas album, I made two versions of it, one with drums & one without. Cast your vote, and if you have a moment, tell me why you voted the […]

Part 3. Marketing Preparations – Without Knowing Anything About Marketing

monk playing electric guitar in the monastery

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Continuing the history of making the first album. As the title indicates, this entry is going to be about some of my pre-release marketing preparations. If I was going to go to all this trouble to write and record an album, I wanted the world to know when I released it. If you are like […]

In the Beginning – Part 2

stained glass windows

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To recap my last entry: I’m a keyboard player who was a starving musician for a few years. I was in a band that was going to “make it”. After severe disillusionment, I quit music for a time, but got back into it later on as a sideline with no plans for stardom. I found […]