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Gregorian Rock combines ancient with modern to create a serene, yet pummeling sound.


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Angelic Warlord "I appreciate the grand and stately qualities..."

Closet Concert Arena "Dale has truly tapped into something as stimulating as it is appealing...intelligent without being arrogant."

Boomerocity "I’m serious as a requiem, this album is seriously great stuff!"

Fan quotes

"It was pure delight playing on these pieces of yours. They are majestic, funky and intelligently composed." Phil Keaggy (note: Phil played on three of the twelve tracks)

“I love Gregorian (chant) but after a while it gets a little boring but with your underlying rock instrumentals it really brings it to life. Who'd a thunk. Genius, really, GENIUS.” Rick Davis, California

"Very creative, beautiful, and thought provoking." Jon Esler, Nevada

“… your album has been accompanying me to and from work ever since (I downloaded it). Can't wait for your (next one).” Raymond Wong, Singapore


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Music Videos

All three music videos, the newest features Phil Keaggy



The boys in the virtual band. Scattered across several states, we still jam.



From whence it came and bio of the creator of GR.


Contact & Press Kit

How to reach GR and material for members of the press.