Orchestral Project – Deviation from Plan

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Swiss orchestra

If you follow me on Twitter @cantusnovus or Facebook, you already know that the Christmas album recording is on temporary hold while I try my hand at writing for orchestra. I saw a post about this score-writing contest for a short (4 minute) animation. It sounded like fun and I jumped on it. I’ve never written for orchestra and it’s a fun challenge.

The music is written, and now I’m recording what they call a “mockup”. This is an audio file that must be submitted with a written score, along with some other files. But the mockup needs to sound as much like a real orchestra as possible. I’m playing each part on my WX7 (electronic wind instrument [EWI], or midi wind controller). This should give it some extra realism, rather than playing everything on keyboards.

It’s all due at the end of this month. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Me with the WX7, recording the parts

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