Part 3. Marketing Preparations – Without Knowing Anything About Marketing

monk playing electric guitar in the monastery

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Continuing the history of making the first album. As the title indicates, this entry is going to be about some of my pre-release marketing preparations. If I was going to go to all this trouble to write and record an album, I wanted the world to know when I released it. If you are like […]

In the Beginning – Part 2

stained glass windows

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To recap my last entry: I’m a keyboard player who was a starving musician for a few years. I was in a band that was going to “make it”. After severe disillusionment, I quit music for a time, but got back into it later on as a sideline with no plans for stardom. I found […]

In the Beginning – Gregorian Rock’s Birth

home studio

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In the beginning, inspiration struck and I wrote a song unlike any I had ever written. The concept was one that guaranteed my music would have its own sound. Everyone says “you need your own sound” and this would do it for me. Ancient combined with modern. Gregorian Rock would be Gregorian chant combined with […]

The “Making Of” the Sanctus Music Video

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I made a short “making of” video for how I made my first music video for the song “Sanctus” from my first album. Because it was the first, I thought it was important to document the process so I could share it. Even though I was the entire crew (producer, director, actor, storyboard artist, set […]

“Sanctus” Music Video

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“Sanctus” is the song that started it all. It was the first song written for the first album. I had tried other, more mainstream musical endeavors, but they didn’t go anywhere. Once I got confirmation that Gregorian Rock was what I should be doing, it propelled itself like nothing before it ever did. This song […]

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