“Sanctus” Music Video

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“Sanctus” is the song that started it all. It was the first song written for the first album. I had tried other, more mainstream musical endeavors, but they didn’t go anywhere. Once I got confirmation that Gregorian Rock was what I should be doing, it propelled itself like nothing before it ever did. This song […]

“Deux Lux” Music Video

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This one was the first songs written for my second album. I am a fan of polyrhythm, so Deus Lux has some 4 vs 3, which created what Pat Neil (guitarist on the song) called “a nice swing”. I also wanted to have more piano on this album, so the opening arpeggio worked beautifully on […]

Phil Keaggy in my music video

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Remember all those Phil Keaggy music videos? Neither do I, because he has been in very few, but he agreed to be in mine. For those who don’t know, Phil is a Grammy-nominated, multiple dove award winner, legendary guitarist, who has also won many Guitar Player Magazine Reader Polls. But it started with him graciously […]

From Country Band to Gregorian Rock

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Once upon a time in North Carolina, a friend of a friend invited me to play keyboards in his country band. I had no experience (classically trained) nor love of country music, but I agreed. They paid me to have fun. I didn’t even know that was possible. Every paying gig I’d had up to […]

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