Orchestral Project – Deviation from Plan

Swiss orchestra

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If you follow me on Twitter @cantusnovus or Facebook, you already know that the Christmas album recording is on temporary hold while I try my hand at writing for orchestra. I saw a post about this score-writing contest for a short (4 minute) animation. It sounded like fun and I jumped on it. I’ve never […]

Survey – drums or no drums

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I need input from you! Tell me which version of this song (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”) you like best. While working on music for my Christmas album, I made two versions of it, one with drums & one without. Cast your vote, and if you have a moment, tell me why you voted the […]

The Theme of Fire

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Most everyone is looking for meaning, and something they can believe in that is larger than themselves. I want this music to help accomplish that. Fire is the theme of the newest album. There are several songs about fire and fire-y things. I found verses in the Bible that spoke of fire and used some […]

Band vs. Individual Artist

Monk peering over sunglasses

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I’ve done both, and so far, the Individual Artist approach is the winner. The band approach is very romantic and sounds like fun – to people who haven’t been through the band grinder. I was in a 6-piece band that lasted about three years. We had 19 people come and go in that time period. […]

Part 3. Marketing Preparations – Without Knowing Anything About Marketing

monk playing electric guitar in the monastery

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Continuing the history of making the first album. As the title indicates, this entry is going to be about some of my pre-release marketing preparations. If I was going to go to all this trouble to write and record an album, I wanted the world to know when I released it. If you are like […]

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